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chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic treatment

Adjustment of vertebrae/spinal bones is the keystone of Chiropractic and is intended to restore normal motion to injured joints in the spine or extremities.  I am experienced in different (Diversified, Activator, SOT, Thompson Drop) Chiropractic adjusting techniques so that I can apply the method best suited for you.  Diversified Adjusting is taught in every chiropractic school and include high velocity-low amplitude movements of the body.  Activator Technique uses a mechanical instrument to deliver a very focused and very specific amount of force to a stuck joint.  SOT is a very gentle, yet powerful technique to apply very small amount of pressure over a period of time to slowly re-align subluxated bones. Thompson Drop is another very gentle technique that used drop pieces in the table to drop away as we push on a specific part of your body.  The amount of force used and the amount of movement is very specific and measured.   


Very often, especially at the initial stages of care, patients have a considerable amount of pain, swelling and muscle tension.  I use a Class IV (K-Laser) laser because it is very effective for pain relief and swelling especially with acute injuries.  Laser light is a form of energy that penetrates up to 4 cm (almost 2 inches) into muscles and joints to speed up healing and tissue repair. 


UltraSound (US) is also very useful for swelling and pain reduction.  UltraSound creates a high frequency sound wave that reduces swelling  and pain while promoting healing.  It doesn't penetrate as deep as a laser but it is quite effective for nagging, chronic injuries.  


Electric Stimulation (ESTIM) helps to reduce muscle tension by using electrical current to stimulate muscle contraction.  Using ESTIM before an adjustment reduces tension in the joint which means an adjustment is less forceful and lasts for a longer period of time.  In my practice, I often use ESTIM and US at the same time so that we can take care of swelling and muscle tension at the same time during the visit. 


Deep tissue massage/manual therapy is of course, the oldest known treatment method to reduce muscle tension and pain.  I use my hands or Graston Tools to reduce muscle or fascial tension. 


By doing specific stretches and exercises, you can improve your posture so that your shoulders are level and back so you look better and more confident, but more importantly, you feel better too.


Often, foot and ankle problems cause back problems.  This is when having custom foot orthotics/inserts  can make a big difference.  Using a TOG (The Orthotics Group) state of the art computerized foot scanner, I can assess and evaluate your feet for gait, balance and weight bearing.  We can then have customized inserts made for you and they come with a lifetime warranty  

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